Why Choose Warrior Clean?

We’re so proud of the team we’ve built: experts who each share a real passion for cleaning and who bring that genuine enthusiasm to each and every job they attend.

We’re Hygienic

We’ll leave your premises hygienically clean for less than you’d expect.

We tailor a cleaning plan to suit your specific needs and budget. You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and get the same Warrior-level clean every time, with no hidden costs or lock-in contracts.

Consistent Performance

You can count on a consistently superior level of service.

When it comes to cleaning, TRUST is a huge element. Whilst we act as though we are on camera, we probably are. We are entrusted with the keys to the property and all access so it is critical that you know our team members are screened with a police and reference check.

Part of our system is to check in with clients and our team of cleaners on a frequent and regular basis. We have an audit tool and schedule that records and monitors our performance and the site requirements.

This Is the backbone of the operation to ensure we are on target meeting the clients expectations and our agreed standards.

Being a cleaning provider and therefore a people resources business and therefore vulnerable meeting expectations


In the unlikely event you’re not totally satisfied with the cleaning result, we guarantee to come back and start cleaning again until the job is done to your satisfaction – or else the session is FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?2020-10-26T03:31:17+11:00

The first thing we will do is visit your home to discuss your individual cleaning needs, and to give you a free estimate.

We will provide you with a comprehensive list of our wide range of services, so that you may choose what you’d like us to do for you.

Together we will create a work order tailored to your specific requests, and you will be provided with a copy. This is not a contract, but merely another way to guarantee you our personalized, consistent and timely service.

How often should I have my office cleaned?2020-10-26T03:32:55+11:00

Warrior Clean offers regular house cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.

In addition, we are available for special one-time cleans. These include move-in/move-outs, deep cleans, new construction clean up, and occasional maintenance cleans for customers that just need a little extra help.

Our most popular visit is every two weeks, but we will schedule according to your needs.

Do I have to sign a contract?2020-10-26T03:36:11+11:00

No. There are no contracts to sign. We are happy to earn your business each time we clean.

Will I have any liability if I hire a housekeeper?2020-10-26T03:38:22+11:00

No. Warrior Clean goal is to reduce the number of your responsibilities in life; certainly not add to them!

Most business owners are unaware of the risks of hiring independent cleaners, who often pass the liability for work-related injuries and the responsibility of payroll taxes onto their clients.

As a professional cleaning service, we are responsible for all elements of our staff’s employment, including payroll taxes and Workman’s Compensation in the event of an injury. The only thing you ever need to worry about is how we can best serve you.

How do I know I can trust the people you send to clean?2020-10-26T03:40:48+11:00

We are very particular about who we hire.

Every Warrior Clean employee undergoes a rigorous screening process that includes extremely thorough criminal background checks. Additionally, all Warrior Clean employees are fully insured and bonded.

Our employees are all given top-notch training to meet our demanding standards, and we regularly conduct quality inspection checks.

Trust is a vital component of our business. We pride ourselves on having earned the trust of hundreds and hundreds of customers throughout the many years of our company’s success.

How do I get a quote?2021-06-24T03:33:35+10:00

The easiest way to get a quote is to complete the online quoting request and one of our team will be in touch with you quickly.

For immediate attention:

What’s your hourly rate?2021-06-24T03:34:11+10:00

We follow the industry award and need to assess each job individually.

We look at when the cleaning is to be performed, whether weekend, after-hours, or overnight work is required, and also adjust accordingly for public holidays, as the rates differ with these considerations.

How much does it cost?2021-06-24T03:34:42+10:00

Each premises is different in size, shape, time required to clean, building fabric, number of toilets, etc.

For accurate pricing, we would do a walkthrough and then we will be able to accurately inform you of the proposed cleaning amount.

Do you clean residential homes?2021-06-24T03:35:00+10:00

We specialise in commercial cleaning.

Are the products you use green?2021-06-24T03:35:15+10:00

Yes we do offer a green solution with the products we use.

What happens if I’m not happy?2021-06-24T03:35:34+10:00

We appreciate all feedback we receive, whether it’s positive or negative. If you are not satisfied with your service, please immediately let us know with details regarding what might have been an issue and include all relevant photos.

We will then proceed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and aim to provide a re-clean within 48 hours (2 days) of the initial service for any missed/unsatisfactory areas and/or look at an appropriate discount if required.

Alternatively, if this occurs again we will retrain or can reappoint the rosters to assign a new member of the team to your site.

Each cleaner has their own unique talents and skills and our role is to ensure that there is a uniform way of doing the work that delivers the expected outcome. In some circumstances for example, the height of a person may affect their reach to dust behind wide desks or wipe tops of partitions.

If you feel the cleaning is not up to expectations, please send us a photo so we can then see things through your eyes and understand what you’re looking at.

In many cases, there is an explanation but more importantly, our willingness and cooperation to remedy and monitor ensures it doesn’t happen again.

We are a cooperative and willing partner to ensure your place is nicely cleaned and fresh.

Obviously we’d love it if all of our clients stuck around forever – but we’ve worked with business owners for long enough to know circumstances change! So, if you do decide to cancel, we’ll be very sad, but you’re free to go as you please.

Our client retention rate over the last 2 years is 99%.

What’s included in the cleaning service?2021-06-24T03:36:12+10:00

During our initial discovery session we will discuss the services you wish to include.

This could be simply the essentials, such as floors, bathrooms, and bins, or a full concierge service where we look after the whole building for you.

Do I need to supply cleaning equipment and chemicals?2021-06-24T03:36:28+10:00

We supply everything.

In today’s environment, preventing cross-contamination across sites is more important than ever, therefore, we leave equipment, cloths, and mops on your site only to be used by our cleaners exclusively for your premises.

When will my cleaner arrive?2021-06-24T03:36:44+10:00

We can generally commence a new job within two weeks of agreement.

As part of our initial discovery meeting, we will ascertain the prefered cleaning time and frequency.

How will the cleaners enter my building?2021-06-24T03:36:59+10:00

Ideally we like to have a secure locked key box on site so that keys are left safely on site.

The reason is in the event a cleaner calls in sick and we roster someone else on to do the job they can attend without having to go and collect a key.

Particularly in this environment, if a person is required to quarantine we are eliminating any risk of contact.

What if the site has restricted parking or no parking on site?2021-06-24T03:37:16+10:00

Jobs located in the city and areas or restricted local parking or public transport access need to be considered.

Staff need to be able to access the site and often as our work is at night it needs to be safe for them.
We need to account for parking and access for our team. If there is no parking we need to ensure that equipment can be stored on site so that they don’t have to carry items for great distances.

If they need to park more than 100 meters away from your site, we factor the walking time into the proposal.

If cleaners arrive and need to drive around for 20 minutes to find a spot then we need to factor this in.

Do I have to be on site whilst cleaning is being done?2021-06-24T03:37:58+10:00

This is entirely up to you – you can be there to let the cleaner in, stay around for the service, or not attend at all!

You are more than welcome to provide access via a key/lockbox. Please note that in general our cleaners work most efficiently when the property is empty of people and pets.

Other considerations are OH&S concerns:

  • We make noise with a vacuum which will disturb your environment. There is also the electrical cord which becomes a trip hazard for those on site
  • When we mop hard floor surfaces they may remain wet for a period of time and cause a slip hazard
  • When we empty rubbish bins we place bags in central walkway and collect them
  • When others are on site at the same time as we are cleaning, it will take longer as we have to consider and work around others, and display safety signs

We clean an area so that it is ready for its next use on the following day. Our cleaners can therefore spot if someone has dirtied the area after it has already been cleaned. This results in additional work.

In conclusion, we prefer to work as the silent night warriors, so you can arrive in the morning to a clean and hygienic workspace.

This also means locking in a firm start time and many of the cleaners enjoy having flexibility around their working start time.

Some jobs are shorter than others, hence a cleaner may be going from site to site and there may be an unexpected reason that they are required to spend longer on a job than normal.

Remember, sometimes we never know what we are walking into on a site.

How do I make changes to the cleaning program?2021-06-24T03:38:13+10:00

As we commence the service you will be introduced to your Warrior Clean Customer Service Manager.

All communication should be directed to them, including changes to the service, orders of consumables, etc.

Will I get the same cleaners for each service?2021-06-24T03:38:31+10:00

Generally, yes. We always endeavour to match you with a cleaner who will continue your service ongoing, however there are occasions such as public holidays, illnesses, emergencies and travel/holidays that may impact your usual cleaner being sent to your property.

We always try our very best to give you plenty of notice of any changes made to your service, but unfortunately, there are things that are out of our control that may impact your service on the day booked.

Do you clean under furniture?2021-06-24T03:38:46+10:00

We will move and clean under small objects and light furniture.

We will also vacuum/mop under heavy furniture (like beds and couches) where access gaps are available, however we will strictly not move heavy furniture.

This is due to the high risk of scratching floors and is also an OH&S consideration.

We are happy if customers would like to move furniture for us, but we will not instruct the cleaning teams to do so themselves. Together we can plan the works if required and bring in the specialist team to perform these works.

Do the cleaners have police checks?2021-06-24T03:39:01+10:00

Yes, all our cleaners are required to submit police checks prior to commencing. Most cleaners also have Working With Children Check (WWCC).

How much does it cost for extra work?2021-06-24T03:39:16+10:00

Please chat with your Warrior Clean Customer Service manager to price additional work.

Are cleaners considered essential workers?2021-06-24T03:39:30+10:00

This depends on what the clean is for.

If your business has remained open during COVID restrictions, it is considered essential.

For a standard domestic clean that could be done by the customer if needed, it is not essential.

Move out/end of lease cleans are considered essential.

How do I cancel a service?2021-06-24T03:39:46+10:00

In some instances a service needs to be cancelled such as when relocating, end of a lease at a premises, closing down, renovations etc.

If you wish to cancel your service, please provide us a letter with the reason and the final date the service is required. We would like to know as soon as you do so we can prepare our cleaning team and re-roster them to other sites.

How do I pay for the service and how is payment made?2021-06-24T03:40:01+10:00

Invoices are sent to customers in the first week of the month and payment is expected to be made via EFT within seven days of receipt of the invoice.

Some works such as vacate cleans and deep cleans require a 50% deposit prior to commencing.

Can I tip my cleaners?2021-06-24T03:40:15+10:00

While we appreciate the gesture, we do not recommend this practice. Rest assured we do look after our team members!

What if something is damaged during a service?2021-06-24T03:40:31+10:00

Warrior Clean is insured and we take the utmost care to protect your premises and goods.

Am I liable for any employment taxes, superannuation, or insurance for the cleaners?2021-06-24T03:41:03+10:00

Warrior Clean takes out all necessary insurances and takes care of the wages and employment obligations.

Your only obligation is to ensure that you use a licenced labour hire company or may face penalties of $500,000. (Source: https://labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au/host/)

What if the scheduled time for cleaning falls on a public holiday?2021-06-24T03:41:19+10:00

During the discovery session we will chat if a service is required on a public holiday and appropriately cost this into the job.

Generally cleaning on a public holiday is missed altogether.

Do I need to worry about the cleaning after we start?2021-06-24T03:41:33+10:00

We want to take the worry of cleaning off your to-do list!

Your Warrior Clean Customer Service Manager will come and visit the premises and check the standards. We aim to be on top of producing quality results before you have to point out items to us.
It is always helpful to have feedback (both positive and negative). Simply snap a photo and send it to us, sharing any concerns you have.

Why is my first clean more expensive?2021-06-24T03:41:47+10:00

Generally, the first clean is a deep clean where we allocate a lot of resources such as people, chemicals, equipment, and materials.

This deep clean brings the property to a standard that we can then maintain on an ongoing basis; it becomes the benchmark for moving forward and looking after your space.

How often should we be cleaned?2021-06-24T03:43:19+10:00

This depends on many factors, including but not limited to:

  • How many people use the space
  • How many amenities are there
  • What type of environment is it (for example, is it open to the elements?)

We can coordinate a program from seven days a week to once a fortnight.

Our recommendation is to have service clean at least weekly.

Dirt and dust never stop finding their way into a space and routine control of this must be implemented.

Wherever people gather and come into a space we need to clean it to keep it hygenic, sanitised, and clean.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • < 10 people & 1 toilet – requires a minimum weekly clean – it may require one of your team to empty the kitchen bins to prevent smelly odours and rubbish bin flies
  • > 10 people & one toilet require twice weekly clean

The more frequently we are on site the better the results we can produce, and the more comfortable your team, customers, and visitors will feel.

Are your rates competitive?2021-06-24T03:43:34+10:00

Our proposals are competitive, realistic, and take into consideration all the information you have given us at the discovery meeting.

When we present the cleaning proposal to you, we will review the scope of work and frequency and make sure we have captured everything you need.

What is “Scope Creep”?2021-06-24T03:43:48+10:00

This describes the extra items you want to put on the cleaning running sheet after we have commenced the cleaning program that weren’t priced into the agreement.

At this point we may need to review the original agreed amount.

Are there any hidden fees and charges that we should be aware of?2021-06-24T03:44:03+10:00

We don’t have any hidden fees and charges. We will be upfront in providing quotes before we commence work.

Should we attend on site and are unable to perform work that is not a result of our doing or for a reason you have not alerted us to, a charge of $99 will be incurred.

If we attend on site and we cannot clean for any reason caused by us you will not be charged.

Are there any additional charges to be aware of?2021-06-25T02:07:04+10:00

From time to time toilets block up or are left in a very unpleasant state and you may or may not be aware of this.

We will take a photo of it to you. We are prepared to plunge them out and get it cleaned up and unblocked for clients. A nausea fee of $75.00 will apply.
If your workplace permits pets and an accident is found we will take a photo of it and the nausea fee will be applied.

2. If we are attending and are unable to perform work due to client reasons
If in the event we turn up to clean as scheduled and are unable to perform the service for any reason that we are not in control of, the normal fee will apply.

Maintenance may be undertaken on-site, these incidents interfere with our ability to do the appropriate work. Even in unforeseen circumstances where a car has smashed into a light pole and electricity is turned off.

3. If we attend to work and are being delayed to perform works due to a client reason
If in the event Warrior Clean is delayed in our ability to perform works as prescribed for whatever reason, our team requires compensation for their time in respect of the delay. An appropriate additional amount will be invoiced for that time.

4. If we are unable to clean due to a contractor reason
If in the unlikely event we fail to clean for whatever reason, you will not be charged for that cleaning session.

What happens with the cleaning equipment we leave on site?2021-06-24T03:46:06+10:00

Any equipment left on site remains the property of Warrior Clean and must be returned at the conclusion of the provision of our service.

We have a protocol for how we look after our equipment and sanitise our tools, therefore, please do not use our equipment for your use at any time.

We don’t want you to use toilet cloths to clean your desks or kitchens and cross contaminate the area! You will be charged for any damage to our equipment.


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Our Response to COVID-19

We understand that the health and safety of your team, clients, and customers is of the highest priority.

As working environments change, we respond by implementing strategies to mitigate COVID-19 in your workplace. Our cleaning process is not just about keeping you clean, but safe and healthy too. If you are affected by a lockdown, we can have your premises deep cleaned, sanitised and ready for business within 24 hours.

Find out more about our response to COVID-19

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