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Discover the Warrior Process and Guarantee

The Warrior Clean Process

Let’s face it: Finding the right cleaning company can be a hit-and-miss process,
and you’re often at the mercy of the contractor.

After all, we all get busy; we get caught up. Our days are filled with solving other people’s problems, and facing other people’s drama. We try to please everyone else first, and often struggle to keep up with all of the demands placed on our precious time.

Finding the right cleaner can be a frustrating experience – but here’s the kicker: it doesn’t have to be!

This is your chance to finally weed through the pretenders and low-quality time wasters out there. You owe it to yourself (and your team and customers!) to find a proven, results-focused team to deliver consistently outstanding cleaning services.

Our cleaning packages have been designed to ensure you get the best results and the best value – with NO costly surprises!

Here’s How We Work

Getting to Know You

If you provide your phone number when you request your FREE Estimate, I will contact you and arrange a non-formal ‘getting to know you’ phone call to find out your cleaning needs, and the types of services you require.

I’ll ask questions like –

  • How many people work in the office?
  • How frequently are we to clean?
  • What time of day / night are we to come?
  • Is there a cleaners store cupboard on site?
  • What are you currently doing now?
  • What prompts you to consider a new provider?



Then, I will arrange a time to come out and personally meet with you. Together, we’ll explore your unique cleaning challenges and issues, and answer any questions you may have.

Please allocate time to give me a tour of the premises. I’ll measure the space to know the size and layout of your premises.

I take note of how many toilets, sinks, kitchens, kitchenettes, and desks there are, and the type of floor coverings and find out exactly what you want cleaned.

I’ll also assess:

  • Where we can access water from to mop floors
  • Where the rubbish bins are located
  • How we access the property and the security requirements
  • Where can our team park
  • If any specialized equipment or products are required
  • If you need us to provide and coordinate consumables, including toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, and soap.


Develop Scope of Work and Present the Cleaning Proposal

The scope of work might be the most important part of our agreement – even more important than the price. Without a defined scope of work, there’s no way to know what work must be done.

The SOW is a document that tells the cleaner what tasks to be done and on which days.

This is important as it clarifies that we are meeting your expectations and satisfying all the requirements requested of us.

Once this is prepared we will ask to review it with you along with the cleaning proposal to ensure that it captures everything we discussed.


Getting Started

Once you’re satisfied with the scope of works and the cleaning proposal, it’s time to:

  • Approve the agreement which gives you an understanding of the terms and conditions of engaging us
  • You choose the commencement date. A lead time of two weeks is ideal so we can purchase all equipment and tools needed for your site. This also gives us time to choose from our existing team or recruit new members and induct them to the Warrior Clean way.
  • For added peace of mind we avoid sharing equipment between sites therefore – We like to have an area on site that we can store all of the equipment and tools to be left exclusively for our use on your premises.
  • Depending on the premises and number of cleaners required to work. You’ll provide keys or fobs for us to enter and we require a minimum of two sets of keys. Alternatively, a key box can be installed so keys are securely stored on site.
  • One set of keys will be securely locked in our office and the Operations Manager then has access to attend the site and complete audits as scheduled to check the cleaning standards. In the event a cleaner is sick and we need to send a different team member out instead this ensures we avoid contact with team members who are ill.
  • We then turn up at the designated time and do the work.
  • In the first 30 days we are getting to know the premises and we will do all we can to get everything right consistently and continuously.
  • We will communicate every seven days for the first month and this is a perfect opportunity to provide feedback.


Ongoing Communication

Feedback is vital and we can’t emphasise it enough, the value of an open and transparent relationship is essential.

We communicate via a communication book on site, WhatsApp, SMS or email. We will communicate every seven days for the first month and this is a perfect opportunity to provide feedback.

If we don’t know how you’re feeling or you’re feeling frustrated, please talk to us as it could be something simple that needs to be tweaked and we are back on track.

The Warrior Clean army is ready to be deployed! So take the first step towards hassle-free cleaning today. Contact us now!

warrior clean satisfaction guaranteed

The Warrior Clean
Satisfaction Guarantee

There’s absolutely ZERO RISK with Warrior Clean’s outrageous service guarantee!

We’re putting our money where our mouth is! Our satisfaction guarantee removes every obstacle in your road to hassle-free cleaning.

We are so confident you’ll be blown away by your Warrior Clean experience that we are prepared to give you a Service Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with your service, we’ll re-clean the site until you’re delighted – or it’s FREE!

How Are We Able to Give You a
Satisfaction Guarantee?

Consistency and process is key!

We have strict processes in place to ensure that the results you get the first time round are the same ones you’ll enjoy months and even years later.

We consistently monitor our performance to ensure you always get cleaning to the highest standard.

We also:

  • Implement quality control systems
  • Provide clients with post-clean service reports
  • Document ‘before and after’ photos

What Can You Expect When You Choose Warrior Clean?

What to expect

  • A passionate team that takes pride in its work and genuinely cares for its clients
  • Meticulous standards of cleanliness
  • A thorough and detailed schedule
  • Strict cross-contamination procedures
  • Seamless communication
  • Consistency – that gold standard you enjoy after our very first clean is what you can expect for months and years to come
  • A team that gets YOU – we listen to your needs and use our experience to help create a custom plan
  • Assistance to problem solve

What we aren’t

  • Unreliable cleaners who cut corners to get the job done quicker to squeeze more jobs in our schedule
  • A team that will try to lock you into unclear or vague contracts
  • A hands-off experience – as always you’ll be able to personally meet the team to express and explore your unique cleaning challenges
  • Race to the bottom cheapest price to win your business

Our Response to COVID-19

We understand that the health and safety of your team, clients, and customers is of the highest priority.

As working environments change, we respond by implementing strategies to mitigate COVID-19 in your workplace. Our cleaning process is not just about keeping you clean, but safe and healthy too. If you are affected by a lockdown, we can have your premises deep cleaned, sanitised and ready for business within 24 hours.

Find out more about our response to COVID-19

Great Service Takes Great People!

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